I thought this was an interesting article on the transformation of food a community, a garden, and a vision can make to help people eat real food cooked well.

Hospital becomes Gourmet food paradise:

Although serving good food can be a challenge and even sometimes more expensive it is important to our bodies what we put in them so  that the foods we choose will give us the energy and nutrients we need.

Well now that we have approval for the CHS Teaching Garden I am very hopeful that the community will rise to support this vision and our students, parents, and teachers will find a way they can all help and become part of this project.

Notice it does not say CHS Culinary Garden! This is not my or the culinary arts garden it is our school garden and is open for any classes that would like to use it. Although my students will help maintain it, we would love the help and still need extra hands and shovels to help spread crushed granite, build the cinder block beds, and plant the vegetables and perinials.

See how you can help by contacting Chef Mike Erickson at mike.erickson@PflugervilleISD.net


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